Sunday, June 26, 2016

Free High PR Backlinks

60,000+ Free High PR Backlinks

In this post, I am going to show you how to get 60,000 Free High PR Backlinks that increases your website in the top rank on Google and other search engines.

Backlinks are links that point to a specific web page. It is additionally called inbound links, inlinks, incoming links and inward links. Backlinks are very important to get better rank in search engines. It is very difficult to get an authentic backlink when you create a new website or a blog. You should do linking with a relevant and high PR backlinks according to your keyword or niche. If your site is about IT/ Tech, link exchange with IT/ Tech related site. If your site is about marketing, do link exchange your site with marketing. There are generally two types of backlink, do follow and no follow. You should better do the link exchange with do follow backlink and try to ignore no follow.

60,000+ Free High PR Backlinks
High PR Backlinks
Backlinks are the most important part of SEO (Search Engines Optimization). If you have not high quality, valuable, authentic, relevant backlinks, you do not get a good place in the search result and do not get indexed speedily. You can get backlinks in two ways, one is natural linking and another is automated linking. Natural linking is one of the best linking procedure, but it takes a while. If you do not have enough time, you can select automated linking.There are many automated backlink maker tools, you can easily submit your website URL and get thousand and thousand backlinks instantly. I will provide you a list of some free backlink generator, or free backlink creator, or free backlink maker tools so that you can get 60,000+ free high PR backlinks within an hour.

Index Kings

Index king is a rapid website submitter that submits your website/blog to numerous statistic web sites. It provides a valued free backlink website to get indexed your website/blog on Google. If you submit your website on index kings, you'll get quickly over 15,000 free high pr backlinks which will higher rank your website on Google.

Small SEO Tools

If you want to see your website better rank on Google and other search engines, you need backlinks which are valuable, relevant, authentic, and from authorities' websites. Small SEO Tool generates your website and provides 60+ free high PR backlinks that make your website better rank on Google.

Y.M.E daily Backlink Builder

The backlink builder tool is a spam free site, that submits your website to different 11,500+ websites for providing free backlinks for your site. All listed websites provide free website listings, site review and site reports with dedicated sites.


If you wish to get over 2500 free high PR backlinks, submit your website URL in Backlinkr tool. Backlinkr generated backlinks are on well-established websites which are repeatedly crawled by all search engines included Google, quickly serving with SEO and rising your page ranks on all search engines. So, submit your web page URL on backlinkr builder tool and get free 2500+ high PR backlinks instantly.


IMT website submitter submits your website or Blog URL to over 1800 different places and provides 1800+ free backlinks for your submitted website/blog. These total websites, whose services types are mainly who is, about us, website statistics. Some backlinks are no-follow and some are do-follow but these entire websites are gradually crawled by Googlebot and all other search engines.

SEO Unity

SEO Unity backlink generator tool submits your website/blog URL to over 660 completely different websites and provides totally free backlinks to your website/blog. The backlink builder tool is SPAM free, no adult/illegal sites and each site has been collected and validated in a master list.


This backlink tool makes over free 500 backlinks for your website/blog and provides a better rank. These backlinks are both of do-follow and no-follow, and visited and indexed repeatedly crawled by Google and other search engines.

Ser Backlink

Ser Backlink automatically generates 2500 high PR backlinks for premium member, but 10 backlinks for all members. Submit your website/blog URL and get free 10 backlinks for your website/blog.

Zone Auto Backlink

Zone Auto Backlink submitter submits your website to over 2500 completely different places. Their type of services is who is, about us, and website review. These websites are do-follow and no-follow.

Excite Submit

Excite Submit tool submits your website/blog to over 1500 websites and provides free high PR backlinks for your website.


USEME can mechanically ping your website/blog URL to over 2400 totally different websites. So, ping your website URL and get a huge number of websites listing that are primarily about us, info, website statistic, business listing, value, and directories.


You will get about 1000 free high PR backlinks, but you have to register in 24:7Backlinks. Registration/Sign Up process is very easy. No need to pay, they need a valid email address to complete the project.

Free Backlink Tool

You can automatically create and ping up to 500 free high PR Backlinks pointing to your website/blog from high authority websites within a few minutes by registering in Free Backlink Tool. Now it also supports YouTube Video backlinks.

Backlink Generator

BacklinkGenerator.Net build best 325 permanent high PR backlinks for your website/blog. So, submit your website URL to get high valued instant permanent backlinks from PR 8-9 domains.


Real-Backlink is an automatic free backlinks generator that provides you 100+ free high PR backlinks within two minutes. Most of these backlinks are dofollow that can receive more traffic and higher rank and faster in search engine results.

Free Backlink Builder

Free Backlink Builder is a free high PR do-follow backlink generator, that generates almost 100 high PR do-follow backlink and ping every site on Google. It is very necessary for new websites/blogs, this tool will help you to get PR2 in a very short time. Maximum of the backlinks are do-follow and highly ranked websites, which are very helpful to your website/blog better rank in Google. This tool will take only 1-3 minutes for making backlinks for your website/blog.

Improve SeoRank

Improve SeoRank tool creates 100+ free high PR backlinks. If you submit your website URL to this tool, you will get high-quality backlinks from who is, DNS, and website statistics. This tool is really good for indexing completely new domain names. This submission process will take up to 5 minutes or more, it will depend on your internet speed.


This is the most important part to create high PR backlinks that should be relevant backlinks to your website/blog, and to get better rank in search engines. A rubbish backlink is not as good as a relevant and quality backlink. Submit your website/blog URL and get free backlink within a few minutes and get your website better rank in Google.


PingBomb tool automatically creates almost 105 free high PR backlinks to your website/blog. Also, this tool pings your website/blog. So, submit your website/blog URL and get almost 105 free backlinks for your website/blog.

Auto Backlink Generator

Auto backlink generator generates your website URL and provides free backlinks to better rank in search engines.


W3 SEO tool generates a huge number of free high PR backlinks within a few seconds for your submitted website.


It is a free tool for instant backlinks building for your website and you can submit your website  domains in bulk. Happy backlink building.

Free Backlink Submitter

Free Backlink Submitter builds high PR backlinks and index, rank your website. Submit your website URL and build +500 PR+1 backlinks.